Rolle by Rolle

Jaydine is a young self-taught designer and visionary from East London; having left school at 16 with grades, which exceeded expectations and a strong passion to succeed within a creative industry. Jaydine proceeded to learn how to develop innovative design ideas into professional illustrations and digitally executed style range plans and mood boards; thus cementing a signature abstract style of work and the passion to become a fashion designer.

Rolle by Rolle is a premium eponymous multi-category brand, which Jaydine has developed whilst studying a Fashion Design BA. A brand built upon Jaydine’s socially aware and analytical design development mixed with her juxtaposed organic method and approach to design displays originality and personality, which demonstrates commercial strength, viability and entrepreneurial flair.

At the heart of Rolle by Rolle lies strength and love for life, family, unity, fashion and culture. Rolle by Rolle will remain to stand out by designing a fresh style of apparel, which cannot be boxed. Through Rolle by Rolle’s neon coloured glasses, through the power of innovation and vision, ‘We create our own current, a new age flow of sustainable fashions from an art form perspective.’ One complex design after another Rolle By Rolle brings urban street ware to high fashion. To one day become a renowned heritage brand known for being quintessentially British, but also for appealing to all, both genderless and ageless.

Our story defines our purpose; the brand itself has a distinct East London, Hackney aesthetic and is entitled in honor of Grandfather Joseph Rolle with the use of the family name, a family rich in culture and extremely successful in various other industries. We believe our ultra-modern unhackneyed sentiment and design will help our wearers to look even greater than they already feel. Rolle by Rolle is a young and free brand that will bring our consumers quality and consistency over quantity and cost. Fashion is forever evolving, and at this time it is our mission to inject our own unique style, to bring a breath of fresh air to fashion.