Vaseghia Wins Season 6

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fashions Finest concluded their London Fashion Weekend shows on a high with Britain's Top Designer Award season 6.

Caroline Perino, Giebultowski, Milanda, Vaseghia, Francesca R. Palumbo, Omid Taherkahni, Rolle by Rolle, Antonia Nae and Helen Howe Atelier were amongst the 9 designers who battled for the title.

Head judge Bernard Connolly emphasized: "The standard of these designers is outstanding! It was really hard and a tight one between two. We wish we could have given two. We had heated debates on who should win."

Host Laura Naylor called on CEO Deborah St. Louis to announce the finalists and award the winning designer. Antonia Nae came third place, Rolle by Rolle in second place with Vaseghia winning Britain's Top Designer Award. The designer tearfully confessed: "I can't believe it! I never ever win anything i apply or go for! This is such an honour!"